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    Advancing with Dekton: A Forward Step in Response to NSW's Engineered Stone Ban

    January 19, 2024


    A Progressive Shift in Building Materials

    In an industry constantly evolving with health and safety regulations, the recent ban on engineered stone in New South Wales marks a significant and welcome shift. This measure, aimed at safeguarding worker health against silica dust, has necessitated the search for safer, alternative materials. 

    At Hall & Hart, while we have long offered Dekton and Natural Stone as premium choices, we've now embraced Dekton as our primary material, recognising its superiority in multiple aspects beyond mere regulatory compliance.

    Custom Project H0196

    Prioritising Safety with the Engineered Stone Ban

    Prompted by the health risks linked to the high silica content in engineered stone, the NSW government's ban addresses the serious concern of silica dust exposure. This initiative underscores a commitment to worker safety, driving the industry towards safer material alternatives.


    Embracing Dekton as the Superior Choice

    In adapting to this ban, Dekton, which has historically been a premium product, has now been added to our inclusions. Dekton, which falls under the “sintered stone” category, is a synthetic surfacing material made entirely of minerals and formed by heat. Unlike engineered stone countertops, which use resins as binders, sintered stone contains no binders. Dekton stands out as more than just an alternative; it’s a future-focused solution:

    1. Durability and Resilience: Withstanding UV rays, scratches, stains, and thermal shock, Dekton proves its worth both indoors and outdoors.

    2. Low Maintenance: Dekton's easy-to-maintain nature, free from the need for sealing, contrasts sharply with the demands of engineered stone.

    3. Aesthetic Diversity: Offering an array of colours and finishes, Dekton enables a broad spectrum of design creativity.

    4. Eco-Conscious Manufacturing: Dekton's production reflects our dedication to environmental responsibility, significantly reducing ecological impact.

    5. Meeting Health and Safety Standards: Aligning with the recent ban's safety criteria, Dekton ensures a healthier working environment for our partners.

    Custom Project H0196

    Integrating Dekton Across Our Projects

    Our transition to Dekton mirrors our commitment to safety and excellence. Incorporating this material in various applications over the last 7 years, from kitchen countertops to splashbacks and alfresco kitchens, has only garnered positive experiences for our clients, affirming its suitability and appeal.

    Looking to the Future with Responsibility and Innovation

    Adopting Dekton goes beyond compliance; it aligns with our broader dedication to innovation, sustainability, and workplace health and safety. As we navigate the changing terrain of building materials, our focus is unwavering: to deliver top-tier quality and style without compromising safety. This shift underscores our flexibility and commitment to excellence, ensuring our clients receive the finest solutions while upholding the highest safety standards.




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