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    Enhance your home comfort with eco-friendly solutions.


    Explore our latest inclusions tailored to meet the updated BASIX thermal performance and high energy standards. Join us in designing your 7-star home, where comfort seamlessly merges with cost efficiency.


    Properly designing and configuring windows is essential for achieving a 7-star NatHERS rating. Incorporating double-glazing can enhance your home's insulation by up to 40%, ensuring warmer winters and cooler summers. This, combined with optimising orientation and sealing, further maximises energy efficiency. Double glazing is often required to achieve a 7-star rating.

    Standard inclusion: Double glazing to all windows and aluminium doors throughout excluding wet areas. 4mm Clear/12mm Argon Gas/4mm Clear

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    Incorporating insulation within interior walls, ceilings, and floors presents a significant advantage when striving for a 7-star rating. By efficiently mitigating heat transfer and ensuring a pleasant indoor atmosphere, insulation proves to be a worthwhile investment, ultimately leading to substantial savings in heating and cooling expenses over time. Insulation plays a pivotal role in achieving peak energy efficiency while creating a comfortable living environment.

    Standard inclusion: R2.0 Soundproofing insulation to all internal wet area walls

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    Ceiling fans are an often-overlooked cooling solution for homes. Ceiling fans can be used in conjunction with air conditioning to help circulate cool air throughout a room; it can allow you to set your thermostat a few degrees higher, saving you money on your energy bill while still staying comfortable. Ceiling fans can often be the difference between a 6-star home and a 7-star home.

    Standard inclusion: Ceiling fans (x 5). Rooms to be determined, subject to BASIX

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    While BASIX mandates the inclusion of PV systems and EV charging, we also acknowledge the growing demand for eco-conscious living. As a standard feature, we include a leading 5kw solar system and EV charging with Solahart.

    Standard inclusion: 5kw Solar with EV Charger 

    Click here and find out more about our partnership with Solahart.


    A popular selection among our clients, Hebel PowerFloor delivers enhanced home comfort. With its exceptional acoustic performance and thermal insulation capabilities, this flooring system effectively maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year while also reducing noise transmission between different rooms and floors within the house.

    Standard inclusion: Hebel PowerFloor to first floor

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    BASIX, also known as the Building Sustainability Index, is a planning measure implemented by the NSW Government to decrease household electricity and water consumption. It establishes minimum sustainability standards for new and renovated residences. Builders are obligated to submit a BASIX certificate demonstrating compliance with or surpassing these standards as part of the approval procedure before commencing construction. Both CDC (Complying Development Certificate) and DA (Development Application) builds necessitate a BASIX certificate.

    Before October 1st, 2023, the mandated energy rating for new homes stood at 5.5 stars. This requirement has since been raised to 7 stars.

    BASIX thermal performance standards aim to minimise the need for heating during winter and cooling during summer, reducing your home's energy consumption. Several factors, including the size and orientation of your home and its climate zone, will affect its thermal performance and energy efficiency. Achieving the new 7-star rating will necessitate unique solutions for each construction project.

    The BASIX changes will have impacts on the approvals, cost, and schedule of residential construction projects. Changes will impact customers who have signed a contract from October 1st, 2023 onwards, as well as those unable to submit a BASIX certificate before June 30th, 2024. It is essential to recognise that BASIX is an external assessment unique to each construction project. For more information visit 


    Our team is committed to collaborating with you to achieve the best outcome for your custom project.


    Our in-house design team of qualified designers, builders, sustainability experts and energy assessors are committed to crafting homes with an impressive 7-star rating. Dive into our informative BASIX Series where our in-house experts analyse the critical design elements such as orientation, insulation, ventilation, lighting, windows, and appliances, among others.