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    Simple lines, gentle organic curves and pure forms make this style so iconic.


    Dating back to the middle of the 20th century, mid-century modern design was considered a style way ahead of its time. Making a comeback to Australian home design, this timeless style is a mixture of graphic shapes, clean lines, natural and manmade textures, and organic materials. Classic colours of ochre, orange, brown and mustard yellow contrasted against vibrant, pops of colour pair with organic, earthy hues for a retro-tinged, fresh, monochromatic look.

    It’s the ‘no fuss’, practicality and passion for different materials that neatly wrap up this style and bring life to spaces with quirky design.






    Custom Design

    Naturally Authentic


    We tailor each home to tell the story of our clients – bearing signature features that uniquely express them. Reflective of our client’s needs, personality and life - every home carries its signature. One that conveys a subtle yet natural authenticity, of who are clients are.

    Unique Local Knowledge


    All our homes are unique, and so is the context in which they are built. Pivotal to success is our experience with the fluctuating needs of suburban living.  From home styles to council requirements and regulations, our knowledge of the context helps us design homes that take advantage of their surroundings and build residences that make a customer's investment go further. Discover where we build.




    Design Process


    Our design and construction process has been fine-tuned over time and it optimises the entire journey. Years of design and construction experience have led us to develop a holistic method in which the entire process is controlled in-house, from planning to designing to styling to construction, resulting in a better end result. Have confidence in knowing that the same individuals will be working on your project from the beginning to the end, from project planning through interior design and handover.