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Every home is different, each project needs its signature – the little or big detail that our clients can see is uniquely theirs. Each site utilised, each floorplan adapted to meet the lifestyle needs of those that will call this build a home.


Beautiful luxury homes are more than bricks and mortar. It’s the spaces that connect, that work. The absence of interruption.

Good design is invisible. Style, tangible. A natural flow, a considered aspect, a productive day, a successful dinner party, a quiet space...

A simple, elegant detail you live with every day that maybe no one else notices. A coming together of all your ideas into one unique, living, breathing home.

Hall & Hart – Discover the difference.


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A fresh, bold, stylish, and sophisticated way of living delivered by architectural designs combined with premium, luxurious finishes.






Unique Living Experiences

Years of experience understanding how affluent Australian’s live has taught us to think beyond the functional elements of planning and construction; to factor in things you can’t necessarily see but you can always feel; the things like comfort, richness, enjoyment and a little extravagance, that make the most difference to building - and living in – your brand new home.


Discover the Difference

We're an Australian luxury home builder in Sydney with a difference. Our homes are built around what people want. A collective of design and construction experts, Hall & Hart was founded on the principle of providing the most cost-effective quality custom homes that give people more say in how we build their dream home.

It’s the little things that make a big difference when you choose to build with Hall & Hart. Each home, each process is unique and from the first meeting, our team work to capture and embed these characteristics.

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