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Introducing The Paloma


Where Mid-Century Modern Meets Palm Springs Elegance.

Experience the allure of our new Hall & Hart design, tailored for wide block residences. Inspired by the iconic Palm Springs aesthetic, Paloma embodies a fusion of timeless Mid-Century Modern charm and contemporary luxury.

A harmonious internal courtyard central to the home, a striking double-story height window by the staircase, brings in a flood of natural light, and a wine cellar on the ground floor, provides an intimate and sophisticated space to store and enjoy fine wines. 

Join us on this journey and explore the timeless elegance of Paloma today.




Design and style-led Sydney based custom builder


Welcome to Hall & Hart.  A collective of design and construction experts, designing custom homes for Sydney residents. Embark on a unique holistic design process where compliance, architecture, interior design, and construction are all interlaced under the one roof creating a seamless and less stressful custom build journey.

Discover the difference.


Our Difference

We're an Australian luxury custom home builder in Sydney with a difference. Our homes are built around what people want. A collective of design and construction experts, Hall & Hart was founded on the principle of providing the most cost-effective quality custom homes that give people more say in how we build their dream home.



Our Approach

Our design and construction process has been fine-tuned over time and it optimises the entire journey. Compliance, architecture, interior design, and construction are all interlaced to produce a comprehensive design that blends design and lifestyle aspirations with compliance and financial constraints.




Display Homes


Experience a new level of living with our architectural designs that blend fresh, bold, stylish, and sophisticated elements, complemented by premium and luxurious finishes. Take a walkthrough and get inspired to create your dream home based on our award-winning designs.



Custom Designs


 Thoughtful design is the key to graceful living. Our one-of-a-kind architectural innovation paired with building excellence ensures an exceptional experience. We pay attention to every detail in our homes to incorporate the signature of you and create an authentic space that naturally aligns with those who reside within it.



Design Collection


An architecturally pre-designed collection of elegant homes that offer the ideal blend of casual indoor/outdoor living that is so well suited to Australia. A combination of built-in flexibility with high-end designer elements and architectural lighting. From Modern to Classic Hamptons to Mediterranean architecture, be inspired to create your own.




Building with Confidence


In these uncertain times, some people may be hesitant to embark on their largest investment: building a new home. 
With the global COVID pandemic still affecting us, high building costs, supply chain issues, and recent reports of large builders in other states experiencing financial difficulties, it is understandable that there are legitimate concerns about engaging and/or proceeding with a builder at this time.