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    Our mission is to create iconic homes with an unmatched design and building experience.




    Hall & Hart was built from an idea. The central connective Hallway ‘Hall’ and the warmth and love that a home can bring, the ‘Hart’.

    Engrained in our name is the truth to our approach – all & art – a hidden yet meaningful layer to who we are. An ‘all-in approach’ that sees us invest so much in the process from the beginning balanced with a love of design - the art. An absolute commitment that our scale and experience delivering high quality, contemporary designs and homes that people admire and desire.

    A name that appreciates the sophisticated balance between form and function, knowing it’s what you can’t see that makes the biggest difference to a project and a final home.

    It may seem like a lot of meaning in what is just a name but it’s this distinction that defines the very nature and culture of who we are and what sets us apart.


    Integrity rich, driven by innovation, leadership to empower.

    The leadership team is comprised of our founding directors and executive leaders who combine their skills to lead with integrity, encourage innovation and empower all to learn, push boundaries and be the best they can be.

    They believe in the value of taking a detailed approach to every function within the business to better enhance the customer's experience and ultimately the outcome.


    Previously CEO of ASX listed GWA Bathroom & Kitchens (Australia’s largest fixtures & fittings company with brands including Caroma, Dorf & Clark) and before that Executive General Manager of CSR Bricks & Roofing.

    Neill understands what’s required to establish iconic brands that relate to customers' aspirations and the benefit of embedding specialists from various perspectives to create the entire picture. Viewing cross-divisional alliances as a strength, Neill encourages everyone to share their view, orchestrating an assembly of ideas that inspire continuous improvement.


    As Head of Operations for both Gerard Lighting Group and GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens and before that a Partner in an International Management Consulting Practice, Craig combines his extensive experience in management and operations with his love of innovation to push boundaries and continuously raise the standard.

    Responsible for overseeing all departments, Craig advocates transparency and freedom of speech in line with delivering better outcomes for our clients. Determined to always do better, Craig leads by example, applying new and innovative techniques throughout all processes creating a more informative and engaging experience for the team and clients alike.


    Nick was previously part of one of Australia’s most successful builders over the last 40 years and was instrumental in the inception of Hall & Hart. His significant expertise as a Town Planner provides the company with an in-depth understanding of council regulations and suburban development guidance and a clear framework or requirements, before the commencement of any design or build.

    Committed and curious by nature, Nick, takes a thorough approach to every project, identifying unique opportunities that help give each project their unique local edge.


    Michael has vast experience in managing the building of multi-million dollar custom homes over the last decade with strong relationships with a large network of trades and suppliers.

    Understanding the value of partnerships, Michael perfectly balances the need for each trade to diligently deliver on their craft whilst meeting more practical deliverables associated with timelines and budgets. By tightly managing his team and all trades, Michael, identifies efficiencies throughout the process, setting high standards for client outcomes, only accepting excellence in execution.


    Morgan has extensive residential home sales, design and knockdown rebuild experience and brings a plethora of knowledge in home design types, site considerations, council standards and compliance regulations – with specific regulation knowledge relevant to the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and Sutherland Shire regions.

    His passion resides in taking the time to understand his clients, their vision, the site and budget and bringing the team together to work out the best possible solution. For Morgan, and his client it’s always a question of ‘how’ not ‘if’ and he actively involves himself in helping his clients maximise their potential whilst incorporating signature features that reflect who they are.


    Our values underpin the way we act and behave every day, encouraging us to bring out the best so we can deliver the best for our clients.


    Exceptional house design and construction are at the heart of what we do and something our team is dedicated to delivering every day.


    Our team has shaped our award-winning luxury home design and building business into what it is today. Integrity rich, self-motivated and ambitious, their focus lies in achieving our objective of making a difference in the experience our clients receive and the home they are ultimately delivered. They appreciate and support each member's skills and ensure the right specialist is engaged at the right time or bring all together to solve any challenges that arise, with a focus on achieving the best possible outcome together.

    An intricate assembly of details and expertise, where every position is valued and every person adds value.