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    What's Your Staircase Style? | Hall & Hart Home


    How to effortlessly match your staircase to your style.

    A staircase can make or break a living area. So, when building a home, why settle for anything less than a staircase that perfectly matches your own style?

    Building your dream home is quite likely to be one of the biggest investments your family ever makes. Therefore, a major feature such as the staircase is crucial, as it is often the first thing people notice upon entering a space.

    At Hall & Hart Homes, our ethos is to build a you home, that effortlessly complements the daily life of your family.


    Designing a Heavenly Staircase

    Genneral Stairs Commercial Manager Mark Gili says there are five key elements to think about when it comes to designing your perfect stairs.

    1. Functionality and safety

    2. Environmental considerations, e.g. Does it allow natural light to flow?

    3. Visual impact

    4. Whether the design fits with the rest of the house

    5. Your budget


    Maddie Kidd, Hall & Hart Studio Manager & Interior Designer, agrees that functionality is fundamental. Put safety first if elderly people will frequently be using the stairs or children.

    “There are Australian standards that we must meet for safety. If you have a young family, selecting a horizontal balustrade is something to carefully consider. Also - a glass balustrade can be a cleaning nightmare for a young family!”

    “The design of a house is basically based around the staircase. Moving it will affect so many areas. The materials that you choose can also mean a significant scaling in price. However, you can make nearly every staircase a feature!”

    Maddie says to also consider whether you want under-stairs storage. Some styles of staircases, especially open staircases, Mono String or cantilevered stairs don’t allow for this.


    No Need to Sacrifice Style

    Balancing style with affordability is fundamental to what we do at Hall & Hart, which is why we have worked closely with leading stair makers Genneral Staircase to produce three customisable designs as part of our display homes Soho, Chelsea and Mayfair.

    We always offer you the ability to choose and tweak materials, and there are important elements to think about when it comes to a staircase that is going to endure a lot of traffic.

    Explore how these three display homes’ staircases fit perfectly with the rest of the design…


    Custom Home H0196

    As featured in our custom design H0196 home, a home perfect for a young family wishing to entertain. The staircase is, to put it simply, stunning. Says Mark Gili:

    “Photos will never quite do this beautiful piece of custom work justice. The colours provide a delicate balance with the rest of the fixtures and are offset by exquisite craftsmanship.”


    The concrete plinth which has been rendered with Xbond that forms part of this home's staircase works effortlessly with the open rise/closed string, drawing the eye’s attention to the design. The beautifully stained hardwood timber also gives this staircase a slick look which suits the house’s modern, loft feel.

    The stairs are built on a steel stringer with open risers so underneath the stairs remain open, which gives greater visual space to the dining/family room.

    Concealed handrails cut into the wall make it a seamless stairway in a heavenly house, as does the frameless side-fixed glass that forms the balustrade.


    Chelsea - Classic Hamptons Style

    Our Chelsea home is classic Hamptons with an Australian twist, and the stairs fit perfectly with this aesthetic. The traditional white riser provides a floating effect, creating the illusion of additional space.

    Says Mark: “A timber balustrade is so strongly associated with the Hamptons aesthetic. However, the Chelsea is created using a powder-coated balustrade, with a timber handrail to match the timber treads.”


    It’s an Australian touch that beautifully complements the rest of the house’s features. Says Nick Rawson a Director at Hall & Hart:

    “The staircase in the Chelsea display home is the heart of the home. It’s close to the kitchen and laundry but also gives great visual impact when walking the ground floor. With powder-coated stainless steel balustrades and a stained handrail to match the timber flooring, it is more affordable than modern styles, without sacrificing elegance.”

    Staircase Elegance

    As featured in a recent Hall & Hart home, the stairs are a strong statement for the entranceway, with its stylish, frameless glass.

    These stairs feature a mix of pine stringers that are painted to match the skirting, with hardwood timber treads and risers for a stain finish. The glass adds a sleek, modern touch.


    “By keeping the stringers painted to match the skirting, means the treads and risers look clean and crisp. It has the wow effect of stylish minimalism,” says Mark.

    Nick Rawson, says this design is perfect for a narrow block that needs to optimise space and use stairs effectively:

    “We upgraded the handrail to glass for a visually pleasing entrance. If a staircase is in a frequently accessed area, it’s a good idea to add some leeway in the budget to add some wow factor.”


    Create a staircase that’s perfect for your family’s needs. Our expert team will help you balance style with affordability and functionality.