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    Let Us Help You Maximise the Full Potential of Your Property


    A custom home isn't a one-size-fits-all solution and understanding how our designs can be tailored to suit most blocks is a vital part of your journey in deciding on a custom builder.


    We Align Your Design Aspirations with the Characteristics of Your Block


    We embark on a journey of exploration tailored to your design aspirations, lifestyle needs and site requirements, aligning with your vision from the very beginning. 

    This thorough upfront journey of discovery ensures a realistic project plan and budget right from the start, ultimately paving the way for a smoother build journey for all parties involved.


    When considering a custom knockdown and rebuild project it's essential to avoid comparing your costs to others - this is an unrealistic approach. This will be your personal journey where your site, design, and personal requirements will differ.

    To explore an overall project budget, clients will begin by reaching out to our sales and design consultants to arrange an initial consultation. We will assess your site or potential site, your approval avenues and gain an understanding of your needs and requirements. This enables us to provide potential clients with a comprehensive project budget, reflective of their site conditions and their vision for their dream home before they engage. This ensures a realistic project plan and project budget right from the start.


    Our in-house compliance experts engage in a thorough compliance review at the very beginning of the design journey, even before embarking on any design work. This proactive approach identifies critical constraints early on, enabling accurate assessment of budgets and ensuring the design process aligns with compliance requirements - saving time, money, and potential legal issues and making way for a less stressful time during construction. 


    Building on a challenging block requires intensive site planning and design consideration. Often seen as a challenge and more expensive to build, designing your dream home for a sloping block of land does come with hurdles, but there is also a lot to gain once your home is completed.

    As specialised designers and builders, we are here to help you understand how to make a challenging block home design work for you.


    We design and build custom homes in Greater Sydney. A critical element of our success is our experience with the fluctuating needs of suburban living. From home styles to council requirements and regulations - it is our knowledge of the context that makes a homeowner's investment go further.


    Our custom solutions not only align with your family's lifestyle but also harness the full potential of your property's aspect and orientation.  Preview a selection of floor plans and discover our custom floor plan gallery.



    We Have an Expert Team To Manage Your Custom Knockdown Rebuild Project




    Experience with the changing needs of suburban living is a vital component of our success. Our understanding of the surroundings from home types to council standards and regulations makes your investment go further. Our knowledge of the Australian construction landscape allows you the opportunity to design something new that is tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

    From the initial plan to design and construction, we have the processes, skills, and people to handle your custom knockdown rebuild project for peace of mind building. 



    Let's Start A Conversation

    Our personalised approach to creating beautiful custom homes always starts with a conversation. Embark on a unique holistic design process where compliance, architecture, interior design, and construction are all interlaced under one roof creating a seamless and less stressful custom build journey.