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Elegant details you live with every day that maybe no one else notices. 

A perfect mix of luxury and functional elements that complement your unique, personal space. 

Your Inclusions

Our interior designers and colour specialists have handpicked a stunning collection of luxury inclusions from world leading brands so you can create your personal spaces with elegance, refinement and finesse.
You will enjoy state of the art luxury European brands with outstanding performance and warranties, architectural lighting plan, extended ceiling heights, engineered benchtops and other luxuries to enhance your lifestyle.

Whether you choose to be traditional or follow a different path our professional interior designers will provide you with expert knowledge to help you create your forever home.

Bringing Homes to Life

Beautiful homes are more than bricks and mortar. It’s the spaces that connect, that work. The absence of interruption. Good design is invisible. Style, tangible. A natural flow, a considered aspect, a productive day, a successful dinner party, a quiet space…
A simple elegant detail you live with every day that maybe no one else notices. A coming together of all your ideas into one unique, living, breathing home.
Hall&Hart – Bringing your home to life.

Design Studio

Designing the inherently beautiful into living breathing spaces. Our state-of-the-art design studio is a creative space where together we create a home that is distinctively yours.

Everything Matters

Years of experience understanding how Australians live has taught us to think beyond the functional elements of planning and construction; to factor in things you can’t necessarily see but you can always feel; the things that make the most difference to building – and living in – your brand new forever home.
It's the little things that matter most, and we welcome you to discover it for yourself.