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    Mid-Century Modern design is a subset of modern design that encompasses architecture and interior design that emerged in the mid-20th century and continues to be popular today. Mid-Century Modern inspired homes are characterised by clean lines, a mix of materials, and focus on functionality.  This aesthetic typically features open floor plans, large windows that blur the line between indoor and outdoor living, and a focus on craftsmanship utilising natural materials. We invite you to discover one of our new designs. the Paloma.

    An Open Plan Design Managing Airflow and Maximising Natural Light


    Designed for a wide block residence, this custom floor plan features an open plan layout with luxurious features that add functionality, value, and visual appeal, making it a truly sophisticated and enjoyable place to call home. Key design features include a striking double-story height window by the staircase, which brings in a flood of natural light, and a wine cellar on the ground floor, providing an intimate and sophisticated space to store and enjoy fine wines.

    Curved archways add a touch of elegance and grandeur to the space, leading the eye towards the stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that line the walls. At the heart of the home, an internal courtyard invites the outside in, creating a serene and peaceful space to relax and unwind.


    A raised coffered ceiling above the ground floor family living area, sliding stacker doors next to the internal courtyard, which helps manage airflow in the downstairs entertaining area, timber slats above the 6.5 m high entry atrium, and canopy cut-outs over the alfresco, which brings nature into the home, are just a few examples of the architectural design standouts.

    Overall, the open plan design creates a warm and inviting space that maximizes natural light and the beauty of the surrounding environment.






    Design Inspiration


    Accomplished Hall & Hart interior designers, Carly and Crystal looked to the Mid-Century Modern style and the natural world for inspiration, with a focus on bringing the outdoors inside using natural materials like wood, stone, and glass. They believed that maintaining a uniform aesthetic was crucial in their Mid-Century Modern design, and thus incorporated natural earthy tones inspired by the desert landscape into the colour palette, extending this theme throughout both the interior and exterior of their home. Head over to our blog where Carly and Crystal share their insights and inspiration behind the Paloma.


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