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    Hall & Hart. Crafting Your Dream Home From Afar.


    Returning to your homeland as an expatriate is an emotional journey, filled with the excitement of reconnecting with your roots. As an award-winning, luxury custom builder, we understand the complexities and unique challenges expats face when aiming to design and construct a house while living abroad.

    Here's how we can help.

    The Paloma
    The Paloma

    Why Choose Hall & Hart to Build Abroad? 


    Hall & Hart goes beyond technology; we adopt a comprehensive approach that ensures expat clients experience the utmost peace of mind throughout the design and building process.

    Our team can operate across various time zones, ensuring we're available for discussions and updates when it's convenient for you.

    Our method isn’t just about constructing a house; it’s about building your home. We believe in a mutual process where your input matters at every stage.

    From design requirements to obtaining necessary approvals, we handle it all. We take care of all planning requirements, issues, and approvals, ensuring a seamless experience.

    Our skilled designers will represent you at key selection appointments, ensuring that your preferences are captured perfectly. 


    Our interior and external designs come alive with high-definition renders, offering you crystal-clear clarity on how your dream home will look.


    Experience your home before construction begins. Walk its hallways, feel its spaces, and ensure it feels right using our VR experience. Make adjustments and finalise designs with unparalleled clarity.


    Touch and feel your home’s potential finishes with our posted sample packs.


    Witness your home being built through regular updates, photos, and even live video feeds.


    Virtually walk through your new home, ensuring everything stands as you envisioned.


    Regular online video meetings and high levels of communication ensure your experience with us is not too dissimilar from engaging us in person.


    With a track record of delivering dream homes for numerous clients living abroad, our portfolio speaks of our expertise and dedication.


    Hall & Hart's embrace of advanced technological platforms has transformed the custom home-building experience, offering clients - particularly those residing overseas - a clear and convenient window into the progress of their future homes. This commitment to cutting-edge tools underscores a vision of a seamless, transparent, and collaborative design and construction process.

    With backgrounds as expatriates and roles in major multinationals, directors Neill Evans and Craig Sutton bring a wealth of insight into the unique demands of overseas clients. Their experience has been instrumental in curating a suite of technological solutions that facilitate a level of project management and client involvement previously unattainable in remote situations.

    The technologies adopted by Hall & Hart are not merely adapted from their personal experiences but are tried-and-true systems that have demonstrated efficacy in similar high-stakes and demanding environments. The result is a building experience that is not only professionally managed but also comfortably collaborative, ensuring that even clients on the other side of the globe can be intimately involved in the creation of their dream homes.




    Experience one-of-a-kind architectural innovation paired with building excellence


    Embark on a unique holistic design process where compliance, architecture, interior design, and construction are all interlaced under one roof creating a seamless and less stressful custom build journey.

    Preview a selection of our completed homes and homes in construction.


    H0617 Balgowlah Heights, Sydney
    H0517 West Pennant Hills, Sydney
    H0417 Chatswood, Sydney
    H0566 Russell Lea, Sydney
    H0427 Seaforth, Sydney
    H0232 Hills District, Sydney

    Building A Dream Home Abroad: Anthony and Clare's Journey Home


    Anthony and Clare both accomplished professionals in their fields, had always dreamt of returning to their homeland, Australia. Their young children were growing up fast and the time had come for them to start high school. Anthony and Clare wanted nothing more than for their children to experience the unique, idyllic Australian lifestyle they had enjoyed during their childhoods, in the picturesque setting of Sydney's Sutherland Shire.

    The Tuscany
    The Tuscany

    The Expatriate Experience with Hall & Hart


    Embarking on the journey of building your dream home as an expatriate is a profoundly emotional experience, fuelled by aspirations and a yearning to return home for a place to call your own. With Hall & Hart's expert team, innovative technology, and unwavering understanding of the unique challenges faced by those living abroad, the dream of returning to your homeland and constructing the perfect family home becomes a heartwarming reality. Your dream home is not merely a house; it's the place where your heart truly finds its home.


    Let's Start Your Journey Home

    Our personalised approach to creating beautiful custom homes always starts with a conversation. If you would like to know more about our process or would like to know more about Hall & Hart, organise a complimentary consultation.