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    Provincial Project H0517 Inspired by the Ascot


    Designed to suit an oversized, triangular-shaped 22m wide block, this outstanding custom provincial home has been designed by taking the best of the best and tailoring this home to this luxury suburban street landscape. Our resident architect accommodated the shape of the land with our client’s design vision to deliver a truly impressive home.

    Inspired by the Ascot design, the external façade features rendered brick, mouldings, and decorative eaves. The rendered walls in grey tones provide a clean texture which allows the architectural features to be even more pronounced. The dark tiles complement the light grey render and white corbel architecture with the roof capping enhancing a minimalist roof line. 

    Our resident interior designer said “When creating this beautiful provincial home for my client, I wanted to keep the elegant and sophisticated feeling flow from the external to internal. Using dark finishes to certain elements on this home really compliments the overall tone.”

    West Pennant Hills, Sydney NSW

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    Provincial Design Guide


    The provincial style of home design originated in the French provinces of Normandy, Brittany, and Provence in the 1600s. These regional areas were known for their aristocratic style of country homes, which were characterised by their brick and stone facades, steeply pitched roofs, and arched windows. Over time, the Australian French Provincial style has evolved to incorporate the best features of these traditional design elements, resulting in beautiful street-scapes and interior design.



    Provincial Design Collection


    Discover our luxury, architectural Provincial designs and explore our wide range of facade and floor plan options. With ornate details, refined elegance and grandeur, nothing says warmth and elegance quite like a Provincial design.


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