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    Making a Difference to Climate Change – One Home at a Time.


    As the effects of climate change become more and more apparent, it's more important than ever for the residential construction industry to play its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment.

    At Hall & Hart, we believe that every home we build has the potential to make a positive impact on the planet.


    On the Road to Carbon Neutrality.


    We've partnered with Carbonhalo to actively reduce our carbon footprint, aligning with Australia's 2030 carbon targets. We recognise the construction industry's role in combating climate change and prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility.

    Through this partnership, we're proactively working to lower emissions and minimise our environmental impact. Stay updated on our journey by visiting our business impact page for commitments, actions, and climate metrics.

    • Measuring and understanding the embodied carbon for products used within our designs by Jan 24 - in progress

    • Designing homes to 7-Star  and above by August 2023. Hall & Hart 7-Star Design Essential Elements

    • Upgrading our standards by October 2023 to include Solar, EV charging and increased insulation. 5kw Solar Systems and EV Charging with Solarhart

    • Integrate the Hall & Hart BASIX Design principles into our design process by August 2023 - in progress

    • Implement a gyprock recycling program for all sites from September 2023 - in progress

    • Provide availability of low-carbon cement to customers by June 2024

    • Trial and review alternatives to Waffle Pods by December 2024

    • Implement internal review process for low carbon materials by Jan 2024 - in progress

    • Target 10 of our suppliers/contractors by the end of 2024

    Download our Commitments Road Map and Progress to Decarbonisation



    7-Star Design. Join Us In Shaping a Better Future For Our Planet.


    As the NSW BASIX regulations come into effect, our in-house design team is enhancing its capabilities and guiding clients with our specialised BASIX Series on crucial design elements to achieve a 7-Star standard, with proven success in our Design Collection.



    Your Contribution to a Sustainable Tomorrow.


    We prioritise environmental sustainability and eco-friendly construction by tailoring homes to meet specific client needs and optimal site orientation, reducing resource waste, cutting energy costs, and minimising carbon footprints. Join us in creating sustainable homes and striving for a carbon-neutral world.



    Tracking Our Journey and Celebrating Milestones.


    Discover articles on our journal to stay informed about our progress, commitments, and initiatives outlined in our roadmap as we strive to achieve our carbon-neutral target.