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From the initial plan to design and construction, we have the process, skills, and people to handle your knockdown rebuild project.

Experience with the changing needs of suburban living is a vital component of our success. Our understanding of the surroundings allows us to make a customer's investment go further, from home types to council standards and regulations.
Whether you want to stay in your favourite neighbourhood or remodel an existing house somewhere else, our knowledge of the Australian construction landscape allows you the opportunity to design something new that is tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.


In House Expertise


At Hall & Hart we bring the best people in their field, under the one roof, to collaborate, imagine and plan the possibilities from the start. Together our team synthesises their wealth of knowledge to contribute every  perspective.

Sharing a common goal of delivering exceptional, bespoke, architectural luxury homes for owners who want nothing but the best, our full-service, internal team of architects, landscape architects, lighting specialists, interior designers, estimators, town planner and quality craftsmen,
our team deliver outcomes that make a tangible difference our client’s lives.


Planning and Costs

Families continue to have a strong desire to create their forever home in Sydney. Before you commit to a knockdown rebuild project, make sure you investigate your options and understand the costs involved. This will ensure you get the most out of your long-term investment.


Challenging Blocks


Often seen as a challenge and more expensive to build, designing your dream home for a sloping block of land does come with hurdles, but there is also a lot to gain once your home is completed.
When designing and building on a sloping block, the primary consideration will be how to make your living zones comfortable without too many split levels or steps. This can be a challenge - especially if your home builder isn't familiar with sloping home designs or if they don't have flexibility with their range of homes.
Building on a slope requires intensive site planning and design consideration and as sloping block builders, we are here to help you understand how to make a sloping block home design work for you.



A Hamptons Inspired Family Home of Sydney’s Lower North Shore


For Sydney homeowners Robyn and husband Jonathon, it took more than five years before finding the perfect builder and locking in a home design they were both happy with.

 After meeting with Hall & Hart, Robyn finally felt confident she'd be able to create the home of her dreams. "When I met with them, I saw the flexibility and the way that I could customise the house the way that I wanted it," she says. "Their terms were really favourable - there were no surprises. I knew what I was going to be getting."


Unique Local Edge


All our homes are unique, and so is the context in which they are built. Pivotal to success is our experience with the fluctuating needs of suburban living. From home styles to council requirements and regulations, our knowledge of the context helps us design homes that take advantage of their surroundings and build residences that make a customer's investment go further. Discover where we build.




Custom Designs


Embark on a unique holistic design process where compliance, architecture, interior design, and construction are all interlaced under the one roof creating a seamless and less stressful custom build journey. Be inspired by our custom designs.