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    Stunning Hamptons KDR | Hall & Hart Home



     Knockdown Rebuild Produces Stunning New Home in Freshwater

    At Hall & Hart, we’re justifiably proud of our expertise in Knockdown Rebuild (KDR). Our dedicated project team are committed to making the process as streamlined as possible, in order to produce incredible results that stand the test of time.


    We’re just in love with a gorgeous “Hamptons” home that we’ve just customised for a KDR in the plush seaside suburb of Freshwater, Sydney. Our clients were wonderful to work with, having become professional property developers after first diving into the market with their own home twelve years ago.

    Finding that balancing family and work with building and living in a property was a nightmare, they decided to experiment with doing it as a full-time job.

    The couple quickly deduced that the best strategy for a good return was to look for a residential property that they could subdivide and build two homes.


    Choose Your Land Wisely

    While there are lots of unknowns when it comes to choosing a property for redevelopment, they also feel that sometimes it’s better the devil you know when it comes to choosing an area! So far, they’ve stuck to the Sydney suburbs they’re familiar with, which has helped them understand the costs and potential profit of the project.

    This means that their sweet spot has been large family homes in blue chip suburbs like beautiful Freshwater. Although there are many factors in play in the decision, the driving factor has been the potential for subdivision and the width of the profit margin.



    This block presented some challenges for our Project Managers and Site Supervisor. It is a ‘battle-axe’ block in terms of access, with off-street parking and challenges with materials storage and getting tradies and suppliers to the Northern Beaches. However, we were more than up to the task! As the clients commented:

    “For a company that is growing but still relatively young, the processes show a level of maturity beyond what you’d expect.”


    A Streamlined Process

    While the couple had formerly worked with different builders, they needed a builder who could handle two simultaneous builds. 

    Hall & Hart holds a reputation for flexibility while still executing a high-level build.

    “When we walked through the display homes, we were impressed with the floor plans and the level of customisation offered to us by the sales team!”


    We could also work within their budget. The couple had a very clear idea of what they wanted, which helped us with the design process. While they chose the “Hamptons” display home, we worked with them on some customisations.

    “The team were able to make suggestions when needed and meet our needs. We found this to be a very enjoyable and painless process.”

    We kept them updated throughout the pre-construction process, as we are committed to clear and concise communication in everything we do.


    With experience in building and making selections, these clients were sure-footed when it came to the selections process. With a lot of selections to make in a short period of time, Hall & Hart aim to make the journey as simple as possible. However, there are a lot of decisions to be made. An expansive choice is offered, with both standard inclusions and premium upgrades available.

    “We were very happy with the level of inclusions offered. It meant we could minimise our variations.”

    The couple also made a few upgrades to customise the house for the site, such as larger windows and doors onto the alfresco terrace and pool area.


    Rating the communication and organisation they enjoyed from Hall & Hart as standouts of the experience, the couple were largely able to sit back as we managed the build.

    “This was a novelty for us as we’d always had a large workload during this time of the build without other houses. Knowing it was in good hands left us to work on other projects, which was a great help.”

    Our ‘guaranteed price’ also meant that the couple knew their budget wasn’t going to blow out with lots of variations along the way.

    “We also loved working with the whole team – the sales team at the display home, and then the guys on site.”


    Research & Planning is Key to Successful KDR Investment Projects

    The couple says that knowing what you need to build for an area is fundamental to successful Knockdown Rebuild projects. They approach every site differently, as it may require a different kind of house depending on location and the site specifics such as lot size and topography. A family market will need a very different house to a downsizer.


    Other key things to consider is whether you plan to sell or keep the investment.

    You also need to know where to splash the cash for maximum effect, and where it’s OK to compromise. “This takes knowing your market and what’s important to them. Our houses demanded a high level of inclusions because of the price point we are selling at, but you could easily over capitalise if you don’t understand well what your buyer is willing to pay.”


    While inclusions or colour schemes can be changed later, it’s important to get the fundamentals right at the beginning. Having a builder with a good design and floor plan is a priority. It needs to appeal to future buyers.


    We’re delighted that our Freshwater clients were so happy with this “Hamptons” home and will continue to recommend us to family and friends. We wish them well on their journey!