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    Hall & Hart's Progressive Commitment: 5kw Solar Systems and EV Charging with Solarhart


    In an age dominated by swift progressions in green technology and an intensified global shift to sustainability, Hall & Hart have consistently risen to the challenge. Acknowledging the emergent demand for environmentally-conscious living solutions, we proudly introduce our newest initiative—a high-quality 5kw solar system, complemented with electric vehicle (EV) charging, marking yet another milestone in our commitment to a greener tomorrow.

    The landscape of green technology sees continuous innovations, and while many enterprises are focusing on niche areas, Hall & Hart identified a crucial gap. Many of our clients, passionate about sustainability, sought a holistic solution that wasn't readily available in the market. Amidst the deluge of often confusing and contradictory information, myriad technologies and the intricacies of government incentives and financial frameworks, a comprehensive approach was imperative.

    To realise this vision, Hall & Hart has developed a partnership with Solarhart, one of Australia's premier solar suppliers and installers. Solarhart, with its association with the esteemed Rheem group, offers more than just solar solutions. This collaboration facilitates the seamless integration of not only batteries and Home Energy Management Systems but energy-efficient hot water systems and pool/spa heating solutions—key elements in the drive to reduce both energy costs and emissions.

    Craig Sutton, our General Manager, emphasised the long-term vision of this alliance, stating, "This collaboration with Solarhart is just the beginning. We're already in preliminary talks with air conditioning and home automation specialists to further expand and enhance our consultative and integrated offerings. We are also especially keen to leverage our in-house Energy Assessment capability and the advanced analytics we are producing from our BASIX assessments to further tailor the best energy solution for our customers”

    Key Highlights of Hall & Hart's Commitment to Sustainability:

    • Beyond BASIX: While BASIX mandates the inclusion of PV systems and EV charging, Hall & Hart have gone beyond this. We have included a leading 5kw solar system, adaptable to varied household needs.

    • Partnering with credible and well-established businesses: Aligning with Solarhart ensures unmatched product quality, longevity, and concrete warranties—a reassurance against the uncertainties tied to smaller, fledgling operators.

    • Holistic energy solutions: The partnership isn't merely about solar energy. With Solarhart's innovative Home Energy Management system, they offer tailored solutions ranging from battery storage to car charging, presenting a comprehensive approach to energy management.

    Embrace a sustainable tomorrow with Hall & Hart Homes and Solarhart, redefining residential benchmarks. Join us in this transformative journey towards a greener future!



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