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    New Mid-Century Modern Design -  The Paloma


    Mid-Century Modern design is a timeless and versatile style that has been popular for decades. Hall & Hart interior designers have applied this aesthetic to their latest project, the Paloma - a home that blends Mid-Century Modern and Palm Springs style seamlessly. 

    In this Q&A, Carly, Senior Interior Designer, and Crystal, Interior Designer at Hall & Hart, share their insights and inspirations about the Paloma and the design process at Hall & Hart.


    Mid-Century Modern design has been popular for decades due to its sleek and minimalist style. Why do people fall in love with this timeless design and how do you see thePaloma fitting into the Australian way of life?

    Carly and Crystal both praise the Mid-Century Modern design for its versatility and ability to fit into any home, new or existing. Carly says, “Its clean lines, functionality, and simplicity create a good foundation to  add your own personal style, similar to the style of Palm Springs. Both styles offer a great starting point for people to express themselves and their individual style, using pops of colour in the furniture and finishings."

    Crystal also shares the same sentiment, saying "Mid Century Modern design allows individuals to showcase their true personality in their homes by using flexible materials such as timber, metal, and glass. Australians tend to look for ways to maximize not only the space within their homes but also the space around it, by utilizing strategic window placement, playing with scale, and dynamic landscaping."


    What are the key design features of a Mid-Century Modern home and how have these been translated into the Paloma? 

    • Use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and brick

    • Open floor plans that allow for easy flow and socialisation

    • Large windows to let in natural light and create a connection with the outdoors

    • Clean lines and geometric shapes, often with a minimalist aesthetic

    • Bold colours and patterns in furniture and decor accents

    • The incorporation of natural elements like plants and rocks

    • Functional and multipurpose furniture with a focus on comfort

    • Integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces

    • Experimentation with new materials and technology for construction and design

    Carly explains, “The key features of Mid-Century Modern are well aligned with Palm Springs and work so cohesively with one another. Key elements we have used in the Paloma are using a mix of materials, fusion of indoor to outdoor living and using natural hues with pops of colours. Bringing in some soft unique and organic curved shapes throughout the home has blended these 2 styles so seamlessly,” Carly says.

    Crystal adds: “We’ve taken the contemporary look of a MCM home with their flat roofs, and relatively simplified overall shape of the home and applied the theory of mixing materials to create interest where there was none. The Paloma takes this aesthetic and amplifies it through a glamourous and opulent eye,” 


    Where did you draw inspiration from for the exterior and interior colour palette used in designing this timeless home? 

    For Carly and Crystal, it was important to maintain a consistent aesthetic in their Mid-Century Modern design by incorporating natural earthy tones inspired by the desert landscape into the colour palette and carrying this theme throughout both the interior and exterior of their home.


    “Our inspiration for this home was the desert and keeping the overall palette quite neutral and warm to mimic the deserts earthy tones. We always wanted to keep this consistency and flow from the external to internal of the home. Using different contrasting materials like natural stone, timber, breeze blocks and rendered features really elevated the overall feel for this home. Our vision was to bring in texture to replicate the soft ripples in the sand, making you want to touch everything as you walked by. We also added in splashes of colour through the wet areas to bring a bit of retro touch and interest to these spaces.” Carly said.

    Crystal adds “When thinking of MCM design, I often go to the iconic architecture in Palm Springs. There is a certain allure to resort style living in a desert oasis and Australians can identify with a hot climate whilst making the most of outdoor living. The exterior colour palette in this instance was directly inspired by the desert location and sun-soaked, sandy mountains. As for the interior, we pulled inspiration from the glamourous Hollywood appeal that Palm Springs is known for.”


    What was the biggest design challenge you faced during the interior design process?

    Both Carly and Crystal agree it was important to find a balance in regard to functional space and keep a seamless flow throughout the home, “The hardest challenge we faced was redesigns of the bedrooms to create ample robe space evenly across all bedrooms. We also had to redesign the staircase to still be a feature in the home but allow the first floor to flow on from it. " Carly said.

    Crystal adds “We also didn’t want long tunnels through the home but hallways with moments to pause at along the way, be it for a beautifully styled console, or a secret moment away from the larger shared rooms where you can simply sit and read in privacy.”


    What’s your favourite design feature within this home and why?

    “I have so many favourite features through this home but one of my most favourite design features is the staircase and the floor to ceiling window detail. I love how much natural light this brings in and really features and highlights so many areas in the home.  Having the internal courtyard adjacent to the living and staircase really makes the whole space feel so open and welcoming. No matter what angle you are looking at or from, you always catch glimpses of another area reflected through the space which makes it so special. There is always something else to look at.” Carly said


    Crystal agrees, “The grand and striking stairwell against a stone clad wall paired with full height double storey windows is a true showstopper when it reveals itself. However, in contrast, smaller moments can also be discovered as you make your way through the home with unexpected but beautiful views from the First Floor Sitting all the way through to the Ground Floor Living. Even the simple window placement in Bedroom 4 overlooking the Façades First Floor planter provides an unexpected but stunning view. “


    How does Hall & Hart work with clients to create a cohesive and functional space that also reflects their personal style?

    At Hall & Hart we place a strong emphasis on getting to know our clients, their needs, wants and aspirations during the design phase. Our interior designers will work with you on a Design Brief that captures everything we need to know to help us collectively bring your home together. “We will create a concept book of images based off a client’s design brief and provide suggestions with visual renders of key areas in your home to help give you see your vision become reality.” Says Carly.

    Crystal reinforces the importance of  a well completed Design Brief, “We have multiple processes in place to capture a client’s wants and needs throughout the build process. This includes a Design Brief taken with their allocated Interior Designer where they get personalised assistance in further defining their aesthetic in conjunction with their determined budget.”