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    Romantic Tuscany

    November 30, 2022


    Hall & Hart: Our New Home Brings the Charming Wine Region To Australia

    An enchanting home in the sun-dappled Tuscan countryside is a dream for many – so why not bring the best of Tuscan style to Australia? A romantic look characterised by warm stone and terracotta tiles, it’s a design aesthetic that has been adapted beautifully in Hall & Hart’s new home, The Tuscany.

    Taking inspiration from romantic locales, this Mediterranean design creates a tranquil retreat that would particularly suit verdant Australian wine country.

    A truly elegant Tuscan façade 

    We believe that your home is the conduit to the life you’ve always dreamed of – and every day can feel like a relaxed European holiday with The Tuscany.


    The warm tones and textured render of the façade give this home a charming aura of romance. It also connects seamlessly to nature, with large windows that invite the outdoors in.

    The Tuscany façade captures the traditional elements of homes in European wine country,” says Nick Rawson, Hall & Hart’s Pre-Construction & Design Director. “I think it’s a very romantic design that captures the elements everyone thinks about when they think about a European wine region.”


    These key elements of the design include curved terracotta rooftiles, arches, exposed timber rafters and stucco (rendered) walls. However, The Tuscany’s façade and floor plan allow for extensive customisation, so that you can create a home which melds beautifully with your family’s lifestyle.

    Hall & Hart is an Australian designer with a difference. Our homes are built around what people really want.

     Our dedicated team will be with you every step of your build, from sketches to handing over the keys. Over the years, we have refined our design and construction process to a holistic art, incorporating the entire experience in-house. Our internal team is comprised of architects, landscape architects, lighting specialists, interior designers, estimators, town planners and quality craftsman and builders.

     This house has a Mediterranean soul

     Our Senior Architectural Designer, Marko Jovasevic, believes that with The Tuscany, he has created a house with a true Mediterranean soul.


    “For years I thought about the ideal house floor plans, where I would satisfy the function, the connection between living, entertaining and retreat, indoor and outdoor flow, perfect light, ventilation - but also incorporate charm and aesthetic appeal. I think I managed it with this house.”

    Marko says that the Mediterranean homes we know today are based off an architectural style known as Mediterranean Revival, which aims to mimic the feeling of being in a luxurious Mediterranean villa. It became popular in the 1920s and has never lost its appeal.

    What differentiates Tuscan from other Mediterranean designs is the focus on texture – for example, on the stucco walls – which echoes the weathered façade of a Tuscan farmhouse, as do the warm tones and the terracotta tiles. When it comes to interior design, vibrant golds and reds, earthy greens and accents of yellow and blue will reflect the colours of the Tuscan countryside.


    A flowing and spacious floor plan for entertaining

    The Tuscany Residence shares the floor plan of its sister design, the Santorini. It has a light and airy feel, with luxurious, flowing spaces that feel organic and enable easy living and entertaining. 

    A versatile 16.5m wide design that’s suited to 18m block widths, the ground floor incorporates three functional areas. A guest area for long-stay guests, a home office and an elegant area for entertaining that brings the outside in, with an internal courtyard that harnesses natural lighting.

    The home also facilitates relaxed family living by linked but separate spaces. There are three distinct spaces on the first floor for younger or older children, each with their own bathrooms and ensuites. These zones are then connected to the spacious main bedroom by a hallway bridge which overlooks the ground floor courtyard and foyer atrium.

    When it comes to interior design, vibrant golds and reds, earthy greens and accents of yellow and blue will reflect the colours of the Tuscan countryside.

    With a celebration of light, airflow, and organic spaces and a seamless connection between relaxed outside and indoor living, the layout creates the impression of being on an endless vacation.



    Design & Construct with Hall & Hart

    It’s the little things that make a difference when you choose to build with Hall & Hart. 

    Year’s of experience understanding how Australian’s live has taught us to think beyond functional elements of planning and construction; to factor in things you can’t necessarily see but you can always feel; the things that make the most difference to building – and living in – your brand new home.

    It’s our full-service design team of architects, landscape architects, lighting specialists and interior designers who optimise your home unique to your household and lifestyle. It’s our attention to detail, the ‘nice to haves’ that are the Hall & Hart difference, and we welcome you to discover it for yourself.