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Luxury in Marsden Park | Hall & Hart Home



Katie and Adam dreamed of building a sophisticated, highly-livable home in Marsden Park within budget but without compromising on quality or on their unique sense of style.

They  were initially tentative about building their first home because they’d heard so many ‘House of Horror’ stories about novices embarking on their first building project.

Determined to beat the first-timer curse, Katie and Adam researched builders with a thoroughness verging on the pedantic! We’re delighted that they eventually settled on Hall & Hart Homes and we were able to carefully guide them through the process from start to finish.


Two Ecstatic Customers

“It’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made,” says Katie.

“Building our first home was a momentous decision for us and we’re so thrilled that Hall & Hart made this significant life step as easy as possible. We actually enjoyed it!”

Katie and Adam were particularly happy with the flexibility and communication from Hall & Hart.

At Hall & Hart we pride ourselves on offering fully customisable homes - from major floorplan changes to smaller details such as where to place chandeliers and door knobs! As on all jobs we worked closely with the couple to ensure that they were getting exactly what they wanted.


We Don’t Play Hard to Get!

Building a home is a major journey for our clients, so we’re conscious to keep them informed every step of the way. 

“We hardly went three business days without hearing from Hall & Hart Homes! When we emailed questions, we would often hear back on the same day.” says Katie

It’s also important that clients know all the costs upfront. The “Hall & Hart Home Genuine Price” factors in every possible consideration from the outset, so that there are no nasty surprises for our clients.

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Customising a Dream Home

Affordable luxury is all about customisation. While clients can choose both Standard and Premium inclusions as part of the Hall & Hart build process, we make sure that our Standard selections of appliances and materials include some of the most impressive brands on the market.

“At each Selections Appointment, I was impressed by the fabulous range we could choose from, whether it was colours, tiles or flooring. I was overwhelmed – in a good way! We could choose from half the store.”

The team at Hall & Hart guided Katie and Adam through the process in a clear  and thorough way, with Maddie, Joel and Lance always being on hand to answer their questions. "We ‘get’ that this process is daunting! While some of our clients are on their third or fourth build, many are first time builders and navigating unchartered territory." says Maddie.

''We’re delighted to help, being passionate about quality workmanship and delivering an outstanding finished product. For us, stylish customisation and a unique home is the goal for every project."


Open House…

Katie and Adam were given regular access to the house during the building process. After all, it’s their house! Being able to see progress with the Site Supervisor before they were invoiced at each stage of the build gave Adam and Katie the peace of mind that everything was on track.

It’s important not to rush this walkthrough process, which is why we always allow at least two hours to take owners through a property and give them time to ask any questions.

Swift Progress…Without  Cutting Corners

“The worksite was kept clean, ordered and was very impressive!”

Our highly-organised team were able to complete Katie and Adam's double-story home months earlier than the contract time – a rarity in the building world! By providing weekly updates and making significant advances every week, we were able to make great strides without cutting corners on craftsmanship.

We know that our client’s journey doesn’t stop when they move in. We do regular follow-ups after handover to ensure that any niggling concerns have been fixed.

Katie and Adam are delighted with the journey to create their home:

“From the first meeting we had with Sales, through to every Selection Appointment and now three months after Handover, we have been thoroughly impressed with Hall & Hart’s staff, product and processes. They have been kind, honest and super-flexible. We now have the home we have always wanted.”


Building the Australian Dream

We’re thrilled that our journey with Katie and Adam delivered a home that they love, and that they found the process itself enjoyable.

At Hall & Hart Homes, we believe that the Great Australian Dream of owning a beautiful customised home is still within reach – and we’re here to make it happen.

Build a you home with Hall & Hart.