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    Japandi. A Merging Trend in Australian Homes


    Classic Scandinavian Hygge meets Japanase Wabi-sabi

    Scandinavian and Japanese design are two of the most influential styling trends in the world. With their appreciation and focus on craftsmanship, quality and an overall uncluttered aesthetic it was inevitable for the two to combine and become what we now recognise as ‘Japandi’.

    Japandi is the combination of Japanese Wabi-sabi and Scandinavian Hygge. Whilst Wabi-sabi is the acceptance and recognition of beauty in the ‘imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete’, Hygge is the lifestyle practice of seeking out things that provide comfort, contentment, and wellness. When applied to interiors, this translates to the balance of natural materials be it timbers or stone, well-lit spaces, and handmade elements that show character like ceramics and handblown glass to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind space.

    Photo credit, Keiji Ashizawa Design

    Our resident Interior Designer Crystal, talks to us about this rising trend.

     What is Japandi? 

    Japandi has come about by combining the function, craftsmanship and minimal elegance of Japanese design with the warmth and cosiness that the Scandinavian Hygge approach to living embodies.

    To the untrained eye, Japanese design can potentially come across as sparse, even cold and difficult to integrate into an Australian home. This however is where the Scandi aesthetic comes in with its warm timber tones and overall brightness that complements the open plan living and environment that we find ourselves in.

    japandi-inspo-003Photo credit: Grand Designs Australia Magazine Issue 11.2

    What are the key elements to achieve this look? 

    • Bright and inviting rooms with light coloured walls

    • Timber accents throughout with the occasional stone or concrete feature for contrast and variety

    • Simple silhouettes to furnishings

    • Décor that reflects the minimal approach of Japanese design

    • Timber, raw finish ceramics or textured textiles create the interesting accents throughout

    japandi-inspo-002Photo credit, Keiji Ashizawa Design

    Do you see Japandi as an evolving style in Australian interior design?

    Australian design includes some of the most eclectic interiors you can find with our varied range of climates and dramatic seasons in our country, inspiring home styling. The Japandi style works just as beautifully high up in the lush mountains as it would in a modern coastal home overlooking our neighbouring seas, and I look forward to watching its evolution as it’s integrated into more homes.

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