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    The Art of Using Your Holiday Accommodation as a Design Muse


    Hall & Hart: Finding Inspiration in the Most Unexpected Places: How Holidays Can Spark Creative Thinking


    Without the distractions of everyday life, the holidays are a perfect time for you and your family to discuss and brainstorm the features you want in your future home.

    The holidays are a great time to get inspired by different architectural styles and design elements, especially when you're visiting beachside destinations in Australia or staying in a cabin in the hinterland. Take this opportunity to relax and spend quality time with your family, discussing and brainstorming the features you want in your future home.

    As you stay with friends, family, or in a hotel or Airbnb, pay attention to the features and design elements that catch your eye and make a list of the ones you'd like to incorporate into your dream home. This is a great time to let your creativity flow and start planning the foundation of your future home.


    Capture Your Ideas on Your Phone

    First of all, set up your digital folders on your phone so that you can capture ideas easily on the move, then organise them later. 

    Pinterest is perfect for budding designers. “Create boards for each room and bring them to your meeting at our Design Studio,” says Carly (Senior Interior Designer and Leader). “This acts as a style guide. We’ll understand the look you’re going for.”

    “Any pictures in general are so helpful,” adds Maddie (Senior Interior Designer). “Trying to describe an image or style is extremely difficult!”


    Scope Out Every House. Be Inspired!

    Here’s the fun part. Research is a fundamental component of design.

    Prepare for your appointment at our Design Studio by checking out the colour combinations of holiday houses, both inside and out. Other key areas to take note of:

    • Floorplans. What works and what doesn’t? Do you like an open plan or want more privacy?
    • Standout Design Features. While you’re nursing a drink in a friend’s backyard, consider what you like about the outside of their house, whether it’s their bay windows, outdoor kitchen our ambience from lighting.
    • Lighting. Many Christmas parties move from day into night. As the sensor lights spring up the garden path, consider whether that’s something you’d like for your own house. Notice statement fittings inside and soft outdoor lighting.
    • Kitchens. Helping the host stack the dishwasher? Note the flow of the kitchen, what appliances you like, fridge space and any other key elements.

    Consider Functionality

    The devil is in the details. It may seem trivial but checking out power point placement will help with your electrical appointment. How many times have you been at a holiday rental and preparing family dinner and wished there was a power point ‘right there!’. Think about the practicality of your kitchen and how you want to move around other spaces such as the living room. Where would you like charging stations and furniture? Where will the kids do their homework? Jot it all down and then you can mark up your floorplan in advance.

    “Think about how each room will be used in your own house. How would you change the rooms you see? Consider functionality, appeal or both,” says Carly.


    Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions!

    If your friends have built, ask them questions about the process and what worked for them and what they wish they’d done differently. Here’s the thing – people love to talk about their houses. It might be difficult to get them to stop.

    As qualified interior designers and decorators, Carly and Maddie often get asked by clients for their advice – and that’s what they’re there for. “The one thing people forget is that we are here to help,” says Carly. “Clients feel a bit overwhelmed with decisions, especially during external appointments.”

    “You are definitely not alone in this process. We’re here to help you bring everything together and ensure that it all works. We’ll also be honest if we don’t think something will work but we’ll always find an alternative for you.”

    Maddie adds a word of caution: “Even though we are here to help, we can only help so much! We need some thoughts to work with. We can’t create a dream home without knowing what that dream is.”


    Which is why it’s so important to get those digital folders set up and the Pinterest boards for each room in motion.

    If you do change your mind after the selections meeting, you can reset the process. Keep in mind that could delay construction or add additional costs.

    “This also makes the job complicated,” says Maddie. “You are better off asking for multiple options and then crossing the options you do not want off, rather than adding to your quotes and requests later.”

    There are many decisions to be made as part of the design process, so Carly advises making a list and breaking down the important decisions against the least important. Know what you’re willing to compromise on.

    The most fundamental part of the process is communicating openly with the team.

    “If you are not 100% on a decision that you’ve made, let us know. We’re here to help,” says Maddie.

    So as you drive off into the sunset these holidays – or sunrise, as the case may be – don’t forget that this is also a golden opportunity to have some fun with design ideas for your dream custom home in 2023.

    Now go and enjoy yourself this festive season.

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