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    Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication


    Stunning Fluted Glass Can Bring Sophisticated Privacy to Your Home

    Fluted glass has been making a comeback in interior design over the past few years – and no wonder! It’s a clever way to allow natural light while also providing privacy, with gorgeously grooved glass that diffuses light and provides texture for interior spaces.IIt can be especially transformative as customised sliding doors in homes with open-plan living, or where walls have been removed for floor-to-ceiling windows to allow light. However, fluted glass also works brilliantly in kitchen cabinetry, shower screens and laundries.

    Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

    Fluted glass, which can also be called ribbed glass or reed glass, is essentially panels of glass with vertical grooves. It’s made by pressing semi-molten glass between metal rollers to create the desired ribbed design. Most often clear, it may also have a smoky tint, or a slight blue/green colour.

    Hall & Hart Homes interior designer Alanna Petraccaro says that the beauty of Fluted Glass is that it’s a simple way to create a design feature, that draws the eye and adds sophistication.

    “Fluted glass creates a level of sophistication for simple designs,” says Alanna. “Adding it into your kitchen cabinetry with a touch of backlighting will draw your visitor’s eye, while still concealing the cabinet contents.”

    Alanna says that one of the most popular places to use it is in kitchen cabinetry.

    SOURCE: Images used for inspirational purposes and may depict fixtures, fittings and features that are not supplied by Hall & Hart Homes.

    Fluted glass can also be used as a sophisticated screen, as a door for a Butler’s Pantry or a laundry door, adding an architectural element to utilitarian spaces while still keeping them private.

    “Using fluted glass in your home is a highly effective way to add a little oomph to an otherwise humble space,” says Alanna.

    Inject Instant Glamour into a Bathroom

    One of our favourite ways to use fluted glass is in the bathroom. It adds a glamourous feel, which can be amplified with hardware such as gold taps, or with terrazzo tiles.

    “In the bathroom, as a shower screen or privacy partition, fluted glass gives you the feeling of being in a luxury hotel for that extra glamour”, says Alanna.

    hallhart-fluted-glass-inspo-009SOURCE: Images used for inspirational purposes and may depict fixtures, fittings and features that are not supplied by Hall & Hart Homes.

    Evoke an Art Deco Aesthetic

    Fluted glass can help create an Art Deco feel. Smoky fluted glass was particularly popular in the 1920s, not only in windows but in wall sconces and pendant lighting.

    Whether it’s an Art Deco touch or a weaving motif throughout the house, our design team can help you achieve your perfect look. Our in-house interior designers at Studio You are experienced in creating Art Deco homes.

    Key features of the Art Deco theme are geometric shapes and simple lines, accented by luxurious man-made materials and beautiful finishes such as brass, stone, and fluted glass.

    Create Streamlined, Modern Interiors

    Fluted glass also evokes the Modernist era of design, which became popular in the mid-20th century and has returned to popularity thanks to its clean lines functional design, offset by small features which make a big difference. Modernist design is more pared-back than Art Deco, being influenced by the Bauhaus and the famous edict that ‘form follows function’.

    In Modernist design, fluted glass can be integral to open plan interiors. Custom sliding doors with panes of fluted glass can be harnessed to create privacy, partitioning kitchens or bedrooms from daytime living areas.

    Palm Springs in California is a modernist oasis which continues to provide inspiration for interior designers across the world. Think bungalows flooded with natural sunlight thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and custom sliding doors with panes of fluted glass.

    With a similar climate to California, fluted glass can also be helpful in diffusing and softening strong Australian summer light, dispensing with the need for curtains. It’s an incredibly versatile design material which can elevate different spaces in unique ways.

    hallhart-fluted-glass-inspo-014SOURCE: Images used for inspirational purposes and may depict fixtures, fittings and features that are not supplied by Hall & Hart Homes.

    Custom Designed for Your Home by Hall & Hart Suppliers

    Fluted glass is a bespoke product from Hall & Hart suppliers, as it needs to be fitted for internal doors or windows, cabinetry, or shower screens.

    The dedicated Hall & Hart interior design team at Studio You will source the glass from our suppliers, including Wideline for fluted glass for internal doors and Polytec for cabinetry/joinery.

    hallhart-fluted-glass-inspo-012SOURCE: Images used for inspirational purposes and may depict fixtures, fittings and features that are not supplied by Hall & Hart Homes.

    The design process at Hall & Hart will allow you to work with our experts to achieve your dream home. They’ll consult with you and create a concept book with recommended product selections from our suppliers, based on their deep design knowledge and experience.

    Building with Hall & Hart will take you on an inspirational ride to create a home that reflects not only your personal style but the way your family lives.

    Talk to us today and start the journey towards building your forever home.