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Dream Knockdown Rebuild | Hall & Hart Home


Knockdown Rebuild on Challenging Sloping Block

A major source of pride at Hall & Hart Homes is that we take a custom design approach to each house that we build. We believe that every family deserves a unique home which fits their lifestyle perfectly.

Whether your block is an odd shape, sloping, on a difficult corner or you are looking to customise the design for extra space – we’ll make it happen! Our team work closely with every client to take a custom design approachwithout the custom price tag.


Designing a stylish, contemporary family home

We recently completed a knockdown rebuild on a challenging sloping block on the Upper North Shore of Sydney. Our clients chose their favourite Hall & Hart Home design – the Elyse 42 – and then we worked closely with them to incorporate their personal design aspirations and adapt the design to the needs of the block.

The clients had built before, so knew exactly what to look for when selecting a builder.

“We were looking for a builder that was flexible and could accommodate our design and vision into their plans. We found that Hall & Hart were totally open to that. I don’t think there was a single change that we requested that didn’t make it into our final home!”


The couple were thoughtful and considered in their planning. A knockdown rebuild is a big step but one which comes with the reward of building your ideal home in a location that you love.

“We had a set budget, but we also had a vision. Let’s put it this way - unless we found the layout, the look and the quality that we wanted, we would not be building!”

Luckily, they found Hall & Hart. The flexibility and custom design approach that we offer meant that they received high-quality luxury inclusions, meaning they only needed to upgrade a few items to get the home they desired. The result is a stunning home which has been beautifully optimised for family living.


 Spacious Living for Easy Entertaining

We believe every family’s home should be as unique as they are. Our clients wanted a family space with a high ceiling - more than the 3m in the original plan - to create a luxurious feeling of space. They also wanted to separate their living space from their entertainment space, as they love having people over.

After discussions with our team, we raised their ceilings to 3.5m and concentrated on a sweeping entranceway and large alfresco areas downstairs, with all the living space moved upstairs.

“We love the layout; it was exactly what we were looking for. What we also loved about Hall & Hart’s flexibility was when the house was coming together and taking shape, we knew some fixtures and fittings in the original plan would not suit our décor. Hall & Hart accommodated our changes and they were dedicated to ensuring we got what we ultimately wanted."

Optimising the Sloping Block

Building on complex blocks is one of our fortes. This particular block was very challenging, with a large slope at the front leading down from the road.


Our sales team worked with the couple at the outset of the process to create a workaround, with steps leading down to create a sensational entrance which adds to the overall design.

“We discussed what we thought were the most important aspects of the house that needed to be included, and we went through all the options. In the end, Hall & Hart were able to accommodate us and give us our complete wish list!”


We offer the ‘Hall & Hart Genuine Price’ so our clients don’t receive any nasty surprise costs during their build; particularly important when multiple amendments are being made.

“Our contract price was exactly what we were invoiced for and in fact some provisional allowances like stormwater came under budget…which helped fund some extra nice upgrades!”

“I would give Hall & Hart Homes a 9 out of 10 – I am a tough marker! The team were very professional from start to finish, from sales to internal selection to handover. There was no hard sell, nothing was out of the question. Craig, our supervisor always follows up any outstanding maintenance and drops by to make sure all is in order.”

Family, friends and neighbors of the couple have been wowed by the property, and the couple say that after such a great experience, they’ll be sure to use Hall & Hart Homes for their next building experience.


Ready to build a you home? Whether you’re building from scratch or thinking about a knockdown rebuild, Hall & Hart Homes are here to transform your dreams into reality. Contact us today to chat about your vision.