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    Hall & Hart Measured: Baseline Emissions Verified by Carbonhalo


    Hall & Hart GHG Emissions Assessment by Carbonhalo

    Hall & Hart baseline greenhouse gas emissions verified by Carbonhalo 

    Hall & Hart recently undertook the first step in understanding our climate impact by engaging Carbonhalo to measure our operations and verify our baseline emissions.

    The purpose of this GHG (greenhouse gas) inventory assessment is to provide quantification accounting of the amount of GHG emissions attributed to Hall & Hart operations.

    Carbonhalo’s assessment methodology utilised the inventory processes and emission classifications consistent with international protocols and standards. The report was prepared considering the International Standards Organisation standard ISO 14064-1:2018. 

    With this inaugural GHG Inventory assessment we can now focus on the key areas where we can make the most significant positive impact. It’s also essential that we continue to keep our customers informed of the progress along our journey toward a lower emissions future.

    In summary, our GHG Inventory has been measured across Scope 1,2 & 3 and looks like this:


    Hall & Hart will focus on the emissions we can directly control and influence by creating a reduction plan and setting some initial targets. As part of our strategy, we intend to minimise where possible and for unavoidable emissions balance these out by contributing to certified climate projects that either avoid, reduce, or remove emissions from our atmosphere.

    We are committed to our mission to attain carbon neutrality and continue our journey with Carbonhalo. After successfully completing our first step towards understanding our business climate impact we now know where our business emissions come from and will develop a plan and focus on sustainable goals to reduce our emissions.

    Our goal is to be transparent about the actions we take and where we need to improve. If you would like to see how we are progressing on our journey you can read about our commitments, actions, and our climate metrics on our business impact page.


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