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    Building during COVID-19 | Hall & Hart Home19


    How does COVID-19 affect my build?

    Hall & Hart Homes remain open for business. We understand your concern about moving through your building journey and getting through construction on time. We can assure you that there has been minimal impact on our business and the impact it has had, we have adapted to with advanced technology and systems. 

    We are still here for you and we are still building beautiful, architecturally designed homes.


    New to Building?

    If you are considering Hall & Hart to manage your new home build we are still operating as normal and taking appointments via our website, phone, email and now virtual meetings. You can still visit us at our display homes (as per the Federal Government regulations) or let us take you on a 3D virtual walk through of your favourite display home.

    Building With Us?

    If you are an existing customer who is about to begin your selections journey or currently in the midst of it – you can still continue to do so.

    Is Your Home in Construction?

    If your build is in construction, we are still building your home.

    Our trades and suppliers are still on site and adhering to the strict social distancing and hygiene protocols that have been put in place on all of our sites. The State Government has actually eased restrictions on onsite working hours allowing for full days on Saturdays and Sundays. To avoid unnecessary impact to your neighbours we will limit Sunday work to internal trades such as painters and tiles etc.  The lift on these restrictions may improve your overall build timeline as many of our trades will take advantage of these longer working hours.

    Whilst you are practicing safe living we can start planning your dream home via:

    • Request a virtual appointment with a private 3D walk through and we can customise your block or land to your favourite design.

    • Take a 3D virtual tour of our homes from the comfort of yours.

    • Reach us by phone 8862 0037 or email us at

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are your display homes at Marsden Park still open?

    Yes, but for now by appointment. We can also accept walk in’s, if available however to avoid waiting we recommend making an appointment.  The most recent Federal Government announcement states:

    • a maximum of one family group per home – so you have the house to yourself and the doors are all opened so there is no need to touch anything

    • 1.5 metres in social distancing from each other

    • Strict hygiene protocol including the provision of hand sanitiser and regular cleaning of door handles, benches, etc

    We have been managing these groups via appointments and you can call 8662 0037 to arrange. Our sales office remains operational so we can continue to manage your new home build.

    I don’t feel comfortable leaving my home in the current environment, how else can I view your display homes?

    Our team have access to industry leading technology which puts you in our homes, from the comfort of your own home. Take a walk through and experience a 3D virtual tour of your favourite design or you can request an At Home Experience with one of our design specialists, who will take you on a 3D  private tour of our display homes to discuss what’s important to you in your home.

    We would like to start planning for our new build now, can we still start our building journey with you?

    Yes, definitely! Our specialist consultants are still working with our business functioning very much as usual. We see this as a great opportunity to research and start planning your build to be able to transition quickly to the next stage once you are ready. We are still able to process reports and contour surveys and we still have access to Councils, Certifiers and Engineers. Pre-construction is proceeding as normal as we don’t forsee any delays. You can request to speak to one of our consultants via our new At Home Experience, watch the video below to understand what you can expect from this meeting:


    If we progress with my Tender and I, unfortunately, lose my job, am I still locked in?

    Absolutely not, unlike many builders you don’t sign your contract until the end of the pre-construction process, when all your selections are made, all costs are known and you are 100% certain you are ready to build.

    Are my plans still going through council?

    Absolutely, all council and private certifiers are operating as per normal.

    We are in the early stages of our build journey, are we able to visit your office for our plan presentation meeting?

    Yes, a majority of our office-based team is now very successfully working from home which will enable you to visit our office and comply with the Federal Government social distancing. We are following strict hygiene measures and will provide hand sanitiser before, during and after your meeting as well as regular cleaning of work spaces and door handles etc. We can also arrange these meetings via Zoom where we can enable electronic signing to continue to move you through this process.

    Is Studio You still open?

    Yes, our Interior Designers and Decorators are still available to help you through this part of your journey. We have applied the Federal Government social distancing and hygiene measures to our process which has seen several of our appointments move to virtual appointments being done remotely via Zoom.

    How can I make my selections if I cannot feel and see the fixtures, fittings, and equipment?

    We recognise that each customer will have a unique set of circumstances therefore how we move forward will vary according to your level of comfort with these technological solutions and what selections remain to be made.

    1. Floor plan finalisation, kitchen layout, tile and carpet selections will be performed via Zoom meetings. A number of our customers have completed these selections via this new process and the feedback has been very positive.

    2. Other options include our designers creating bespoke look books and Pinterest boards developed individually for you, with samples being sent to your home.

    3. Alternatively, our designers can work with you to discuss and develop an individual selections plan based on your individual circumstances.

    Are your supplier’s selection centres still open?

    Yes, all selection centres are continuing to offer appointments with differing rules relating to the numbers of people in showrooms and other mitigating actions related to cleaning regimes as they are currently exempt within the provisions for retail operations.

    We are planning on building with you but are worried you won’t have enough supplies to complete our job. Should we be worried?

    We deal with some of the largest suppliers in the industry and we are in constant contact with them and they are all confident that they will have continuing supply of product.

    Our trades continue to work on site adopting the regulations imposed by the Federal Government. Your build will continue to pass through all milestones as outlined in your contract.

    Our construction schedule continues as per normal with the government relaxing the weekend work restrictions to ensure that the building schedules are not held up.

    We remain open and committed to building beautiful homes.