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At Hall & Hart, our difference is in the detail. The collection of small details and larger ones, meticulously considered throughout every aspect from design to the build.


The details within our homes allow us to incorporate the signature of you. One that creates an undeniable authenticity that naturally aligns with those who reside within it. With an elegant simplicity imbued in every feature, designed to take advantage of your location and details that may not be seen but will always be felt, creating an accentuated beauty as we tailor very aspect to tell the story of you.

For us, it’s not about building as many homes as we can but limiting this so we can build the best ones. And for our clients it’s a discovery of details they experience from start to finish and beyond.

Hall & Hart. Discover the difference.

Details useen but always felt

It’s the things you can’t see that make the real difference – the collective discovery of small details that whilst
may not be seen are always felt.
Details that combine to create a home that carries the signature of you.

Where function compliments form

We believe the best homes are those in which function compliments form.
Where design reflects our clients’ style with practical aspects built around this to enhance every detail within
the home.

Quality over quantity

At Hall & Hart, it’s not about how many homes we build but how well we build them.
We limit the projects we undertake so our specialists can focus on their craft, delivering uncompromised
quality and results, always.

Alignment from the beginning

Our in-house team thoroughly assesses compliance requirements from the beginning, producing a clear
framework for discovery that inspires us to explore possibilities and maximise a site’s potential - creating
alignment on what we can deliver right from the start.


Your Experience, Our Promise

At Hall & Hart we promise to bring all our expertise together to deliver an outstanding home.

We take a customer first approach to the way we solve, service and work for our clients, capturing the essence of who they are and reflecting this through their guided and personalised experience from start, to finish and beyond.

It’s an experience that puts our clients at the forefront to deliver a home that reflects the signature of who they are.


Start Your Personalised Journey

Our personalised approach to creating beautiful custom homes always starts with a conversation. If you would like to know more about our process, how we capture the essence of you, or would just like to find out more about Hall& Hart, then organise a complimentary consultation today.