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    Mediterranean Design Guide


    Originating from the nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain, Greece, Italy, and Morocco, Mediterranean architecture is defined by clean lines and a minimalist yet romantic aesthetic that beautifully captures the warmth of natural tones.

    Famed for its inviting charm, this architectural style draws inspiration from the region, embracing natural elements and fostering a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces. Renowned for its ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Mediterranean architecture is synonymous with rustic charm and a design philosophy that prioritises the harmony of interior and exterior spaces.



    Mediterranean external aesthetics and timeless design elements.


    Earth Tones and Warm Colours  Opt for a colour palette inspired by the Mediterranean landscape, including warm earth tones such as terracotta, ochre, and sandy beige. Blue accents reminiscent of the sea can be incorporated.

    Terra Cotta Roof Tiles Traditional terra cotta roof tiles not only add authenticity but also contribute to the warm colour scheme. They are durable and excellent for insulation.

    Courtyards and Patios  Design inviting outdoor spaces with courtyards and patios adorned with stone or tiled flooring. 

    Arches and Columns Incorporate arches and columns into the architecture for an authentic Mediterranean look. Arched doorways and windows add a touch of elegance. 

    Stucco Exterior Apply textured stucco to exterior walls. This material not only enhances the aesthetic but also provides insulation, a key consideration in Mediterranean climates. 

    Wrought Iron Details Use wrought iron for gates, railings, and light fixtures. Intricate ironwork adds a timeless and classic touch to the overall design. 

    Mature Landscaping Surround the home with lush, mature landscaping featuring olive trees, citrus plants, and other drought-tolerant flora. Terraced gardens are a classic Mediterranean feature.



    The internal heart of Mediterranean design.


    Natural Stone Flooring  Embrace the use of natural stone, such as limestone or travertine, for flooring. This not only adds to the aesthetic but also helps keep the interior cool.

    Wooden Beams and Ceilings Incorporate exposed wooden beams on ceilings for a rustic touch. The warmth of wood complements the coolness of stone, creating a harmonious balance.

    Mosaic Tiles Integrate mosaic tiles into the design, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Colourful and intricate mosaic patterns are a hallmark of Mediterranean design.

    Rustic Furniture Choose furniture with a rustic, weathered appearance. Dark wooden pieces with wrought iron detailing can add character and authenticity to the interior spaces.

    Plaster Walls with Texture Apply textured plaster to interior walls to mimic the exterior stucco. This adds depth and warmth to the living spaces.

    Open Layouts Foster a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces with an open floor plan. Large windows and glass doors allow natural light to flood the interiors.

    Moroccan and Mediterranean Tiles Use decorative tiles with intricate patterns, drawing inspiration from Moroccan and Mediterranean styles. This can be incorporated into kitchen backsplashes, bathroom accents, and even stair risers.



    A flowing and spacious floor plan.


    A light and airy feel, with luxurious, flowing spaces that feel organic and enable easy living and entertaining. 

    Suited to 18m block widths our Mediterranean floor plan ground floor incorporates three functional areas. A guest area for long-stay guests, a home office and an elegant area for entertaining that brings the outside in, with an internal courtyard that harnesses natural lighting.

    The home also facilitates relaxed family living by linked but separate spaces. There are three distinct spaces on the first floor for younger or older children, each with its own bathrooms and ensuites. These zones are then connected to the spacious main bedroom by a hallway bridge that overlooks the ground floor courtyard and foyer atrium.

    With a celebration of light, airflow, and organic spaces and a seamless connection between relaxed outside and indoor living, the layout creates the impression of being on an endless vacation.



    Bringing the Mediterranean style home to the Australian market.


    The Mediterranean design seamlessly aligns with Australia's sun-kissed climate and our fondness for embracing the outdoors. The captivating architecture and laid-back ambience harmonise effortlessly with the Australian way of life.

    Nick Rawson, Design and Pre-Construction Director at Hall & Hart believes Mediterranean homes are gaining popularity as an emerging trend in the Australian market.



    Drawing internal design inspiration from timeless elegance.



    Senior Interior Designers at Hall & Hart, discuss the source of inspiration and hallmark characteristics of Mediterranean design and share their insight into why Australians are falling in love with this romantic European aesthetic.





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