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    Hamptons Design Guide


    The word “Hamptons” conjures images of idyllic whitewashed houses and effortless coastal luxury. Inspired by the villages on the south of Long Island near New York, the Hamptons aesthetic is renowned globally as being the ultimate in clean, timeless elegance.

    The Hamptons style usually incorporates light and bright interiors with a sophisticated yet beachy vibe that is relaxed, calming and nurturing. The style originated as an American response to the French interior design styles Baroque, Rococo and Empire.

    As the perfect fit for our coastal lifestyle, the Hamptons look has been adopted and tweaked by design-savvy Australians, who are taken with its combination of easy sophistication and coastal chic.

    At Hall & Hart, our expert team will help you design your own Hamptons aesthetic to create a home which truly feels like you. Our depth of industry experience will help you create a home that completely reflects your evolving family and lifestyle. If your dreaming of a Hamptons home, we’ll help you make it a reality.

    The Hamptons Look


    Create a Hamptons Look That’s Also Perfect for Your Family’s Lifestyle

    A true custom-designed home means taking a 360 degree look at your family’s lifestyle and designing the ideal environment in which you can flourish and grow. The Hall & Hart design team will dig deep to find out what you really want from a home; whether that’s entertaining, a focus on privacy, outdoor living or something more bespoke.

    First, we’ll work with you on the design. If you love the Hamptons look, consider the following elements:

    Space and light are a key part of the classic Hamptons aesthetic. It’s breezy and spacious, with French windows and doors that allow plenty of natural light. Create an indoor-outdoor flow for gracious entertaining, which the original Hamptons beach houses were famous for. Wooden shutters can be used to strategically direct light.  

    Gables and cladding are distinctively Hamptons. Weatherboard adds clean lines that contrast beautifully with elegant white window frames and timber railings. Muted and natural tones blend into the coastal environment. You may choose contrasting window shutters in a darker colour such as charcoal to add character.

    Lots of timber - whether that’s in the floors, staircases, shutters or special touches around the house. The Hamptons look is all about natural materials, such as timber and carpets and rugs made of natural fibres. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and the colour palette by choosing different shades of wood.

    White is a quintessential staple of the Hamptons colour palette. Think of it as a foundation on which you can build as you choose. You can then select muted shades for a classic look or go for an updated aesthetic with blue-based greys or sophisticated black accents.



    External Features


    Create a Traditional or Contemporary Hamptons Façade

    A Hamptons façade is sought after for its timeless, relaxed elegance. With its signature weatherboard panels, gabled windows with white frames and verandahs, it exudes coastal chic.

    Whether you’ve bought a block of land or are undertaking a knockdown rebuild, Hall & Hart’s team will work with you to modify designs from our Design Collection to be in line with both your desired Hamptons look and to suit your block.

    What’s the Classic Hamptons Palette?

    When you think of the classic Hamptons house, you probably think of a very crisp white and grey colour palette. However, you may prefer to modernise the aesthetic, by adding geometric patterns and vibrant injections of natural timber and stone materials for a contemporary, Australian take on the traditional Hamptons look. You can also add black accents for a modern feel. Hall & Hart’s team can inspire you with ideas for your own Hamptons home. 

    Put a Contemporary Twist on Classic Hamptons With Darker Tones

    The Hamptons look might traditionally be neutral, with whites and creams, greys and blues dominating. However as an industry we have seen the Hamptons look evolve into a contemporary look with an edgy feel. Using a darker colour palette and tones like charcoals or smokey black will add interest, as well dark greens and indigo.

    Talk to our team about what your vision of the Hamptons look is and how you’d like to design your own custom Hamptons inspired Australian home.


    H0260 Custom Hamptons Project Gladesville

    Internal Features


    What Internal Features Make a Classic Hamptons Home?

    Inside a Hamptons home, the colour scheme is often a neutral palette, with vivid white a common hero colour that makes the entire space feel light and airy. Many elements come together to create a style that’s elegant yet fresh and relaxed. The ultimate Hamptons home might feature white walls and timber floors with signature colours such as soft green, white, teal and cream. Timber is a huge feature – along hallways and staircases and in detailed trims, such as cornices and skirting.

    Our Chelsea home is “Hamptons with an Australian twist” and the staircase is a real feature. While a timber balustrade is quintessential Hamptons, the Chelsea staircase uses a powder-coated balustrade, with a timber handrail to match the timber treads. It’s a beautiful Australian touch which is also more affordable.




    Sophisticated, detailed, coastal. Discover the Chelsea.


    The Chelsea was designed with a focus on openness, elegance, and practicality. It provides generous space for guests, a dedicated study for the children and opportunities for entertaining and retreating. This exceptional residence caters to all needs without compromising on style.




    Perfecting the Hamptons Style


    What Furnishings Should You Choose for a Hamptons Home?

    Another feature often associated with Hamptons interior design are layers of natural fibres and textures such as linens and rattan. Jute and sisal rugs are a beautiful way to create a feeling of easy coastal luxury.
    Wicker furniture, navy and white cushions, touches of inlaid seashells and jugs of wildflowers all create a stunning Hamptons feel.

    Our experienced interior designers will help you make the right selections for a Hamptons feel, everything from the bathroom taps to the kitchen and lights. They’ll also help you ensure the Hamptons aesthetic runs through the whole house, from the inside to the outside.

    Hear from Home Beautiful's Editor-in-Chief, Elle Lovelock, about perfecting the Hamptons Style on a completed Hall & Hart Hamptons home in Northbridge, Sydney.


    A Stunning Hamptons Transformation


    Be inspired by this incredible Hamptons-look home built by Hall & Hart in Sydney. We recently helped our client Robyn bring her dream Hamptons home in Northbridge to life, with special touches that complement her family’s lifestyle to a tee. 

    Robyn’s journey and the exceptional results have been captured by Home Beautiful magazine on video and featured in the magazine. 

    Robyn's family chose our impressive Hamptons-style home, The Cambridge; a design which gives clients a lot of flexibility with the floorplan. It’s ideal for Australian living, with a gorgeous sense of space, light and a natural indoor-outdoor flow. 

    We worked with Robyn to establish that quintessential Hamptons feel of space and light. For example, the grand entrance opens into an impressive atrium, with a sweeping staircase. 

    The open plan kitchen leads on to a family room with a double-sided fireplace for extra ambience in winter. It’s a true ‘Entertainer’s Kitchen’, complementing the alfresco area with a servery window and wraparound cooktop.  

    The Llewellyns heavily customised the upstairs living areas, modifying the plans to suit their lifestyle. For example, they moved the master bedroom to the rear of the house to optimise the beautiful views.




    Discover Hall & Hart's Hamptons Design Collection.


    Discover built-in flexibility with high-quality designer elements and architectural lighting. Choose your favourite design and we'll work with you to recreate it using our pre-designed alternatives or create your unique custom design– all without sacrificing quality.




    Curate your living experience with our custom plans.


    At Hall & Hart, we take a custom design approach to every project. Your block may be a strange shape, sloping, on a corner…or you may simply be dreaming of something unique. We’re adept at customising the Hamptons look for the Australian lifestyle and have built stunning homes that put their spin on this sought-after aesthetic. 

    Discover our custom floor plan gallery.