French Provincial Homes Display Ornate Details, Refined Elegance & Grandeur

Nothing says warmth and elegance quite like French Provincial.

Discover Hall & Hart Homes French Provincial style designs featuring ornate details, refined elegance and beauty with simple textures. As custom home builders, we can assist you in creating your own custom designed French provincial home.







A bold, elegant new world French Provincial home.

Walk through our double storey Ascot display home and experience elegance with functionality, beauty and warmth. The Ascot includes common French Provincial style elements including clean lines and simple, strong features are offset by a warm colour palette and natural materials such as deeply hued timbers and unhewn stone. High ceilings give the Ascot a sense of grandeur, with elegant touches such as a raised feature ceiling in the family room at the rear of the house. 

The interior design with Parquetry flooring, exposed beam ceilings, wrought iron balustrades and colonial bar windows add the Provincial feel, for a truly spectacular home.

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Our Unique Approach to Custom Design

Our unique process provides customers with a holistic approach to building, where designing, styling, and building all takes place under one roof. Have comfort in knowing you will start and finish your building journey with an expert team of professionals and interior designers who have a complete understanding of what it takes to design a truly custom home perfectly suited to your block, and then build it.



French Provincial Dining Room
French Provincial Style Living Room
French provincial doors with glazing bars

Key Design Features in French Provincial Homes

Embracing history can help you achieve this classic style

As early as the 1600's this provincial style of home has been popular. First established in the popular French provinces in Normandy, Brittany and Provence, these regional areas began designing and building country homes with an aristocratic style.

Traditional features like brick and stone facades, steep pitched rooves and arched windows were popular however Australian French Provincial style has evolved taking the best features and creating wonderful street-scapes. The interior design is just as important to complete the style.

Here are the top 12 design elements in a French provincial home;

  1. Rendered Walls - Typically in grey tones, rendered (plastered) walls to the exterior provide clean textures which allow the architectural features to be even more pronounced.
  2. Corbels and Mouldings - Often found under the eaves line skirting the entire home and surrounding windows and door frames, corbels and mouldings become design highlights.
  3. Dark Roof Tiles - Capping on each home are dark roof tiles, often with flat profiles that also enhance a minimilist roof line. The dark tiles complement the light grey render and white corbel architecture.
  4. Wrought Iron - Ranging from plain square styles to ornate curved balustrades on Juliete balconies, the black wrought iron balustrades are commonly included on the facade (though not always), however almost always internally on the stairwell and void areas with a capped timber handrail.
  5. Roof Gables - It's common for brick gables to extend above the eaves line, either in square or curved fashion making an entry portico even more grand and inviting. Gables often give a country style to the design.
  6. Rustic Wood - Timber flooring throughout the main living room zones add to the flavour of a French provincial style. Often in warmer tones using straight, wider boards or parquetry design. The flooring is also often complimented throughout the home with wooden rustic and antique furniture.
  7. Natural Colour Tones - Simple contrasting colour schemes are most common, without any splashes of unneccesary colour. Whites, greys and blacks make for clean styles but creams can also be utilised instead of grey. Gold highlights on picture frames, mirrors and decorative art fit beautifully with the earthern tones throughout the home.
  8. Carved Kitchen Cabinets - The kitchen is often the hub of the home so it's important to carry a French Provincial interior design style here too. This is often described as country style or farmhouse and is popular in country homes. Typically most will include carved cabinet doors, stone benchtops and an island bench that is often on legs or with corner columns. Don't be afraid to include timber elements here too as a timber benchtop on the island bench works very nicely.
  9.  2PAC Paint - If you're not restricted by budget, a 2PAC (two pack) paint finish on the French provincial kitchen cabinets and doors provides a premium finish that is easily differentiated over vinyl or laminate. This is a popular choice in both Hamptons style and French Provincial.
  10. Stone Flooring - A feature that is often seen is a section of stone flooring in the kitchen area, replacing the timber floors. This can create a design outline for the kitchen zone and will often match the colour and texture of the stone benchtops. 
  11. Pendant lighting - Black or gold pendant lighting in central positions of living rooms or above the island benchtop in the kitchen adds to the French Provincial flavour and provides as much aesthetic as function use. Downlights are still used throughout the home, with the pendant light fittings being a feature.
  12. French Provincial Doors & Windows - It almost goes without saying, but French provincial doors are a must and often used externally and internally with either 8 or 10 panels of glass. Glazing bars on external windows can be fully timber or stuck-on aluminium.