We understand that building a home can be a disruptive time in your neighbourhood. 

That's why when we start construction on your home, your Hall & Hart Homes Site Supervisor will personally deliver and notify your neighbours that we are building in their street.

We know this can be a difficult time with trucks and trades coming into the street and while some impact is inevitable, we will attempt to keep the impact to a minimum.

At Hall and Hart Homes, we have clear expectations of our trades and suppliers that they will abide by the following rules.

In the coming weeks, you will start to see this initiative rolled out across all our new home builds.


Our pledge to you

  • No working or deliveries before 7:00am or after 5:00pm on a weekday
  • No working or deliveries before 8:00am or after 1:00pm on a Saturday
  • No work on a Sunday
  • No offensive language will be used on site
  • Radio volume will be kept at a respectable level
  • All garbage will be put into bins on site and building waste kept neatly on site
  • Road and front of the site will be kept clean
  • Gates will be kept locked
  • Signage maintained and secured to the fence to avoid flapping
  • Sediment control fence installed and maintained in appropriate areas

If these standards are not being met we ask that your neighbours contact the Site Supervisor, who will resolve the issue.