At Hall & Hart Homes we offer a level of luxury inclusions that are far superior in quality, style and sophistication. Your selections will be made at our internal centre – Studio You, where we showcase a wide range of premium products with an unparalleled customer service to match. Our full-service design team of architects, landscape architects, lighting specialists and interior designers will guide you with their expert knowledge and add your personal touches to bring your dream home to life. Whether you choose to be traditional or follow a different path our passionate interior designers will help you create your forever home.



Hall & Hart Inclusions

Our interior designers have handpicked a stunning collection of luxury products from world leading brands with outstanding performance and warranties, so you can create your personal spaces with elegance, refinement and peace of mind.

You will enjoy the little extras that make a big difference to the overall look, feel and functionality of your home. Enjoy extended ceiling heights, architectural lighting and a Miele kitchen appliance package  – just to name a few!

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Architectural Lighting Experience

At Hall & Hart Homes we provide you with a curated, architectural approach to lighting. 

A well-planned lighting design is often overlooked, and the typical array of standard non-architectural downlights can flood your home with light in all the wrong places. 

We have invested in a long-term relationship with experts who will tailor and deliver the perfect architectural lighting design for your home, so you can enjoy the finer details that perfectly sourced & placed lighting can bring.




Your Choice

This is your personal living space and our inclusions range offers you and your family everything you need to create an environment where you can relax, unwind and allow yourself to escape.

Let us spoil you with luxury, style and sophistication – without any hidden costs.

Build a you home.