Looking for a home design to suit your narrow lot? Then you've come to the right place.

We will find the right narrow lot plan for you using our comprehensive library of narrow home designs.

Building your home on a narrow lot shouldn’t come with compromise.

When designing and building on a narrow block, the primary consideration is how you're going to maximise space and keep the flow of the home as open as possible while allowing light to penetrate the main living areas.

This can be a challenge as neighbouring homes can overshadow living areas.

For this reason, we encourage all of our clients to explore their design options with our team of professionals who have years of experience with narrow homes.

Some features we regularly include in our narrow home designs are;

  • Higher ceilings - giving more volume and space to the design
  • Skylights - allowing natural light into more of the home
  • Open plan living - creating spacious living zones
  • Clever space-saving and storage options 
  • Central courtyards - Giving light and fresh air to multiple living zones

Here's what we propose; Get in touch for a quick chat so we can get a good understanding of what you're looking for in your narrow lot design. Then, we'll look through our extensive library of home designs and find something that ticks all the boxes to suit you and your family.

Then you will have a solid foundation and begin to imagine your new life in your new home.

From there, we can also help by making alterations so it perfectly suits your needs & what you're after so it's just right.

All the while, we guide you on pricing - so you know you're getting the right home for you.

Simply fill out our contact form and one of our friendly narrow lot home design specialists will find what you're looking for.

An example of a beautifully finished Hall & Hart Home:

Jason & Idette share their experience building with us:

A small sample of floor plans and elevation styles available: