Our Unique Approach

As a design and style-led Sydney-based builder we specialise in knockdown rebuilds and customising architectural designs for complex blocks, paired with premium inclusions and a price guarantee.

Buying a house from a builder is often a series of compromises. You either lose the ability to shape your own home or are faced with expensive add-ons. Our deep expertise within the building industry meant we could create a company where personal choice didn’t have to come with an extra price tag. We look to find that sweet spot where form meets function, budget meets preference and service meets efficiency.

Custom Design Solutions

No two homes we have ever built have been the same. We believe every home should be as unique as the family living in it.

We understand everyone's building journey is different, your block may be an odd shape, sloping, on a corner or you simply want something that is unique and perfectly suited to your tastes and lifestyle.

You will benefit from decades of experience in the building industry and work alongside our hand's on Owners and Directors and be guided by a team of experts including Town Planners, Architectural Designers and Interior Designers.



A Holistic Approach

Our experience in the industry has allowed us to create a unique design process that simply delivers a better result.

Our holistic approach means plan design, interior and exterior selections, styling and construction all take place under the one roof.

Your plan will be overseen by our Architectural Designers, our qualified Interior Designers will walk you through our curated selections process and our highly experienced Construction Team will deliver you a truly exceptional Hall & Hart Home. We will constantly review and manage your budget to ensure you can finish your home so it’s liveable to your needs, functional and stylish.


A Curated Selections Process

Whether you choose to be traditional or follow a different path our qualified Interior Designers will provide you with expert knowledge to help you create your forever home.

Our highly experienced and qualified Studio You team of designers have curated several interior design themes to understand how you aspire your home to look. They will guide you through the decision-making process and curate a personalised look based on your thoughts and ideas from their knowledge and industry experience.

Let us take you on an inspirational journey to discover your unique, personal style.